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“I tell people that Coach Sean is not only concerned about your athletic goals, but also about you as a emotional person.  He is there for your improvement no matter what area of life the transformation comes from.”   ~~~ Jennifer 

 ”Sean coached me to my first Triathlon in 7 weeks when I could not swim, did not own a bike and still can’t run for squat.. You are awesome Coach! Thanks for all the personal time you spent with many of us at Windsurfer Bay!” ~~ Lee Wesner


” Coach Sean, you’re a badass coach!”   ~~ Jack Pena


“Last year I did my first half ironman, and my goal was to just finish the 1.2 mile swim under the maximum time limit.  After training with Coach Sean for the past 9months, I just completed my second half Ironman and improved the swim by over 12minutes!  Thanks Coach Sean for all your training and help – It was really nice getting to pass other swimmers!”  ~~~ Christy Householter

“Thankful for Coach Sean Gassman. For the direction and guidance. The TP beatings. For providing an awesome team and always keeping things fun and interesting. For having a giving heart that never expects anything in return. For being a BA, being able to do walk on 140.6 distance with NO training.Thanks coach for all you do and all that your about. A great man, father and coach. I hope you and your family have an awesome day.”  ~~ Shawn Valk


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