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Tri Life Racing

Tri Life Racing

Not just another triathlon club!

Tri Life Racing has a purpose, mission, and Attitude!

Tri Life Racing is a fun and life changing club.

Living the Tri Life? Come out and hang out with like minded people.


We are a family of triathlete promoting the life style


Our mission is:

“Tri Life Racing will improve lives for all ages and all levels of ability. We teach an appreciation for life through camaraderie, atmosphere, triathlon and life lessons.   Our team of athletes will make their athletic aspirations a reality while discovering at greater sense of purpose and accomplishments.”

And we have “FUN!”

Want coaching and guidance?   See the Training section of this website for more information.



 “Sean coached me to my first Triathlon in 7 weeks when I could not swim, did not own a bike and still can’t run for squat.. You are awesome Coach! Thanks for all the personal time you spent with many of us at Windsurfer Bay!” ~~ Lee Wesner


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