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Cy Armstrong

Cy Armstrong


Cy joins Tri Life Racing family to help grow one of the best teams in the North Texas area.  Cy has been apart of the team from the beginning as a team member. He is now taking an active role supporting the coaching and staff.  He and Coach Sean have a history that dates back years of coaching and training together


Every athlete has unique training needs.
Every  athlete has unique training goals.
Every athlete should train with purpose.


What are you training for?

A healthy lifestyle?

A race?

A personal Goal?


With  years of racing and training, Cy Armstrong wants to help you be the best  you can be. He has had excellent results in a Full Distance Triathlon, 1/2 Iron Man, 5 Full Marathons, 1 Ultra Marathon, 2 Half Marathons, and he has podium finishes in 10K, 15K, and 5K races.

Cy has qualified for Team USA Xterra Championships 3 times, China, Spain,  Netherlands, and USA.  Winning several age group and national championships in Xterra triathlon


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