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Hydrate….. Do Not Dehydrate.


Here are some things everyone needs to do now…… YES NOW,  so you will be ready for hot training or race days.


  • Fill ½ your bottle with water and freeze.  Fill with cold water the day of your training/race so you will have cold water longer.  You need cold water to drop your body’s core temp and reduce over-heating.


  • Due to the limitations in the bodies’ ability to absorb large volumes of water, start drinking water early and with electrolytes.  Fluids with electrolytes will reduce the need to urinate daily. during training or competition. Take electrolytes daily every morning.  This will help you retain water. When battling the heat this is what you want.  Your goal is to go into your training plump and full of water.


  • Take electrolytes during exercise.  Take 2-6 every 30 – 60 minutes …. How do you know how much to take?  That’s not real easy to know without a test, but a good rule of thumb is 3-6 every hour, unless you are a heavy mineral loss sweater.  That means, you look like you rolled in powered sugar after you exercise.  Its not sugar, it’s your electrolytes all over you.  If this is happening take more than 3 based on how hot and humid the event is and how much you’re losing.  Practice and adjust, it’s really the only way to know.



  • Dehydration Is Cumulative.  Replacing what you lose is a must! Easiest way to know – weigh yourself before and after training then drink 1.5 oz for every oz. of body weight lost during that training/race.



  • Drink water daily.  When you don’t train, you need ½ your body weight in ounces of water.  So some simple math, if you weigh 200 lbs….. you need 100 oz in water if you are not training, more if your training.  How much are you drinking?



  • Thirsty? Once you feel thirsty, you have already lost 2% of fluids.



  • Carry pickle juice.  Not from the fridge, but get the pickle juiced designed for recovery.  When everything goes wrong, pickle juice is your backup parachute that can save you from crashing to the ground. http://www.goldenpicklejuice.com



Water Lost Symptoms
1 % Few symptoms or signs of any thirst present; however, there is a marked reduction in VO2 max.
2% Beginning to feel thirsty; loss of endurance capacity and appetite.
3% Dry mouth; performance impaired.
4% Increased effort for exercise, impatience, apathy, vague discomfort, loss of appetite.
5% Difficulty concentrating, increased pulse and breathing, slowing of pace.
6-7% Further impairment of temperature regulation, higher pulse and breathing, flushed skin, sleepiness, tingling, stumbling, headache.
8-9% Dizziness, labored breathing, mental confusion, further weakness.
10% Muscle spasms, loss of balance, swelling of tongue.
11% Heat Exhaustion, delirium, stroke, difficulty swallowing; death can occur.


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