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Metabolic Testing

Metabolic Testing


Metabolic Testing

Single Sport
(Bike or Run)

Single Sport  testing of metabolic Efficiency. What fuel do you burn?  Are you training and not losing fat?

Gaining weight and you train all the time?

Is your time important to you?

– Determine your fuel source

– Find your zones more productive training

– Lose fat…. gain muscle


For Both Run and Bike 


 Tri Metabolic Assessment

A complete testing assessment including a RMR test, bike Metabolic test, and Run Metabolic Test.

-Complete assessment of fuel source and precise determination of training zones.
-Provides athletes and coaches with a complete picture of an athletes fitness and training needs.

-Get your Zones for both the run and bike




Resting Metabolic Rate Testing


An RMR test determines how many calories the body burns when at rest. It is the foundation for a diet or nutritional plan.

-Determines how many calories the body burns at rest.
-Provides a baseline caloric need to plan weight loss and training efforts.

-Should be performed after Fasting




 Lactate Testing

Bike or Run

Blood lactate testing determines Lactate accumulation, only determines the balance between lactate production and its clearance. Testing shows were a sharp increase in blood lactate accumulation and subsequent fatigue

-Shows when fatigue will begin
-Lactate with Metabolic testing allows for more precise zone and training creation

  $125 Per Test

Full Metabolic Profile

Package of tests that includes a Resting Metabolic, Active Metabolic for bike and run, andLactate Testing for bike and run









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