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Mountain Biking 101 & 201

This course is geared towards people who want to learn the basics on their mountain bikes. The course consists of on- and off-the-bike instruction and riding. The morning hours of the clinic will consist of outdoor classroom lesson instruction and bike handling drills (MB101) . The afternoon hours of the clinic will consist of a moderate level 6-8 mile ride where you will have to use what you have been taught (MB201).


MB 101 and MB 201 can be purchased the for the same day or two different days.


Specific instruction will be given on:

General Bike Fit Guidelines
Mounting and Dismounting Technique

Body Position, Focus and Balance
Pedaling techniques
Braking Techniques
Climbing Technique
Cornering Techniques, on uphill, downhill and switchbacks
Bike Handling Drills
Trail Repair, fixing a flat, and chain maintenance.
Trail Etiquette and general discussion on bike “anatomy”, hydration, eating, recommended bike clothing, stretching and conditioning.

Dates Offered:

Contact Coach Sean if you are interested in this clinic for details

  • –  – Prepayment is Required
  • –  – Registration Fees are NON-TRANSFERABLE
  • All Coaching is through Life Time Fitness

For questions and to schedule a clinic  please contact Coach Sean.

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