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 Programs are offered throughout the year to accommodate all racing seasons.  See below for details and start dates



·         Beginner? Great time to get started

·         Already racing, keep getting stronger with coached workouts

·         3 1/2 Months of Training – Learn, get better, be ready

·         Train with a group – make friends.

·         Stay motivated all Winter long

·         Be ready physically and mentally




Program Includes:

·          Race Specific Training

·         Team Support and Tri Life Racing Performance shirt

·         7 Preparation Clinics ($385 value)

·         Race Review

·         Group workouts ($500 value)

·         Weekly Coached Workouts ($2k value)

·         Online Group training plan

·         Training App for your phone

·         Heart Rate/Fat Burn focused training

·         Supportive and upbeat group

·         Spring Open Water Swims ($80 value)

·         Training Begins in January


Advanced program offers all the above. In addition, to be accepted into this program athletes must meet these minimum requirements:


  • ***Completed a minimum of 1 sprint distance triathlon
  • ***Competent in open water swimming
  • ***Consistent run mileage (6+ miles per week) for 4mos
  • ***Heart rate monitor
  • ***A consultation with program coach to discuss above


 Group TRI$175.00 1st month,

 $90.00 Per month after


Advanced Olympic

 PROGRAM                $249 one time

(14 WKS)


Program Dates:



 US Open 2017  Group Program begins June 2017

Advanced Program Begins June 2017


Contact Coach Sean for more information on coaching programs

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