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ON-Line Training

ON-Line Training

Online Training

On going training online.  Custom training based on your results modified to help you meet your goals.

$89.00 Per Month Online Training

  • Updated Monthly
  • 30min conference calls or meeting via email/skype/other once a month
  • Swim, bike, run only

Monthly Changes

$159.50 Per Month

  • 30min conference calls or meeting every 2 weeks– Usually at workouts
  • Updated training blocks every 14 days on Training Peaks designed for your race goals
  • Unlimited Email communication
  • Swim, bike, run only

14 day Changes

Dont see what you want….. more here or contact Coach Sean

Training Plans


Just want a general training plan for a specific race distance? Then try one of our general plans. These plans do not include group workouts or one-on-one coaching. All plans on Training Peaks



Sprint Training Schedule – 6 weeks – $25


Olympic Training Schedule – 12 weeks – $35


70.3 Training Schedule – 20 weeks – $60


140.6 Training Schedule – 24 weeks – $85

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