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One on One and Two on One Coaching

One on One and Two on One Coaching

One-on-one (Physical) Training:

One-on-one physical training (swimming, road or mountain biking, strength training,  running and much more is $75 per hour, one hour minimum.  Multiple classes, three or more,  purchased at once gets a 10% discount.


Two-on-One (Physical) Training:

Training is often better done in pairs as it gives you an accountability buddy and can help keep you motivated.  If you are interested in buddying-up for training, email Sean for more details.  Currently his rate for a two person training session is $ 95.00,  an hour with an hour minimum each time.  If you decide you want to do longer sessions (over one hour), additional time added to the same session are $20.00 every quarter of an hour.

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