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This Page is a list of all coaching options with Links to more detailed pages

Life Coaching: Click here

Motivational Speaking:  Click here for more information

One-on-one (Physical) Training and Two-on-One (Physical) Training: Click here

Design Weekly Swim workouts: Contact Coach Sean

Nutrition Programs: Click here for program details


 – Run Training: Click here for training plans

– Triathlon Training:  Click here for training plans


Training clinics: Click here !

A general run down of coaching products are below:

Group TRI –        

Includes Pool Swimming, bike, run, and open water training.  Each member is set up on Training Peaks and given a “Group” training schedule for a selected race.  Race distances cover all distances from 70.3, Olympic, sprint, marathon, 13.1, 5k and others.      Monthly training is for anyone at all levels

Current Group Olympic Program

Current Group 70.3 Program

**Or per race

SPRINT PROGRAM (8 WEEKS)                    $199

OLYMPIC PROGRAM (12 WEEKS)             $249

70.3 PROGRAM (14 WEEKS)                        $399

**This program accommodates triathletes that are proficient pool swimmers, can ride 20+ miles, and run a 5k any day of the week.  You do not need to have completed a sprint triathlon to participate.


TRI Swim – $99.00 per month

Includes pool swim and open water.  Come join us and learn the differences in Masters Swim and Tri swim.  Swim efficiency is more important than speed.  Don’t sacrifice your bike and run for a good swim time.  Most Masters Programs are run by great swimmers, but not triathletes.  When nano-secs in your swim time don’t matter as much as over all performance and efficiency.

Tri Swim Monthly Fee

Swim Video Analysis – $250.00 detail above and below water or $99.00 above water Contact Coach Sean for details

Swim Analysis

TRI 1:1

$99.00 Per Hour or $55.00 for 30 mins or bundle discounts

One-on-One training.  Hourly professional COACHING to cover anything you need. Hands on time with Coach Sean. $50 per hour when you purchase six. Get a 50% discount if you purchase 5 training sessions for $300..   Contact Coach Sean for information on discounted 1:1 bundles

1 on 1 Coaching

Custom Coaching – custom to meet your needs

Triathlon Clinics –         $45.00 Per Clinic

Bike Clinic, Swim Clinic, Open Water Clinic, Run Clinic, Tri 101, Transition Clinic, Race Day Clinic, Endurance Fueling Clinic and more.


Accountability Training

This means, not coached, but accountability in the form of weight, body fat, meeting times and more.

For the experienced athlete that needs someone to talk smack when you don’t show up.


Training Plans

Just want a general training plan for a specific race distance? Then try one of our general plans. These plans do not include group workouts or one-on-one coaching. All plans on Training Peaks


Sprint Training Schedule – 6 weeks – $25


Olympic Training Schedule – 12 weeks – $33


70.3 Training Schedule – 20 weeks – $60


140.6 Training Schedule – 24 weeks – $85


 Please contact Coach Sean for details. sean@askcoachsean.com




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