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Private Coaching

Private Coaching

PRIVATE Coaching $99/hr

One-on-one coaching to help you become a more efficient swimmer. Stroke analysis, form correction, and drills to improve your swim

One-on-one coaching to make you stronger and more efficient in the saddle.  Peddling mechanics, leg alignment, core and body position will be observed to address inefficiencies that are causing you to lose power.

One-on-one coaching to improve running efficiency.    Analysis of body position, foot strike,  stride, and  cadence.

—-Strength Training
Evaluation and strength program to meet the athletes need


Youth Sessions – $55 /30min.


Basic Video – $50 for every sport in addition to private coaching fees

– Includes a copy of video with corrections

—-Run Video Analysis & Consultation

—- Bike Video Analysis & Consultation

—- Swim Video Analysis & Consultation

—- Any other Sport, weight training, etc  Video Analysis & Consultation

Swim Video Analysis & Consultation Includes above and underwater video $250
Video analysis is the best way to improve your stroke and form.   Video consultation will address observed strengths and inefficiencies and include drills.



Field Tests $50/per discipline
Offered in swim, bike or run.

Metabolic/Lactate Testing

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VO2 testing and data analysis

Need advice or guidance?

Consultation $99
Meeting  with you to discuss coaching philosophy along with your goals, general fitness and schedule to assist you in forming a plan for training. No contract or commitments required.

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