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Swim Clinic – Pool

Swim Clinic – Pool



How would YOU like to swim faster with less effort?



Freestyle Technique

 & Triathlon Swim Clinics

The 2-hour Swim Clinic is for all levels and ages of swimmers wanting to improve technique and increase speed.  This is a course in freestyle swimming efficiency for competitive, recreational,  fitness swimmers, and triathletes.   Each are slightly different and have their own technique.  Gain comfort and confidence in the water with stroke instruction and a detailed analysis and  evaluation of each participant.


Clinic includes:

—  Body awareness & classroom/Deck instruction

—  Personalized instruction

—  Instruction on swimming specifically for ompetitive, recreational,  fitness swimmers, or triathletes

—  Videotaping and review with every swimmer – above and below the water

—  An individual swim analysis (recorded)

—  Technique development and intervention based on your video analysis

—  DVD or Digital download of all attendees’ swim analysis
—  Water time for stroke progression

—  Unique teaching methods

—  Emphasis on mental training, visualization, imagery work and positive self-programming.

—  Improved balance, alignment, rotation and the reduction of drag

—  Nutrition, recovery suggestions & training ideas
—  Q and A with Coach Sean


Total Cost – Options:
—  $139.99 with  DVD/digital download
—  $119.99 without DVD/digital download – Clinic ONLY (no videotaping)
—  $89.99 for  repeat clinic attendees



***Prepayment is required

***Registration fees are NON-TRANSFERABLE.






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