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Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming

Tri Life Racing swims locally at Wind Surf Bay in Lake Ray Hubbard.  Please Click the picture above for details.


Safety rules for everyone swimming at Wind Surf Bay:

  • ~~Never Swim Alone
  • ~~Always Keep Buoys On Your Left
  • ~~Sight and watch out for other swimmers
  • ~~Never Swim without a kayak
  • ~~Others that don’t care litter the park and beach- We always take care of it!
  • ~~Clean up the beach of any sharp debris you see – We use this beach, clean it.
  • ~~The can or glass you pick up now may be the piece you or someone else steps on if you don’t.
  • ~~Watch for sharp objects in and out of the water


The number one thing you MUST know is, DO NOT SWIM WITHOUT KAYAK SUPPORT.  If cramping or other issues arise, being a good swimmer will not matter.  Your buddy will be swimming and not paying attention to you.  Your life is not worth getting in a unsupported open water swim.   See our calender and find out when we will be there.  If you are not a member, its just a $10 drop in fee…. its is worth it!

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