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Open Water Swims

In the event of inclement weather the following procedures will be followed:


1. The event will be delayed 45 minutes in hopes the inclement weather will pass.

2. If inclement weather does not pass in 45 minutes, the swim will be cancelled. Registered swimmers will receive a 50% credit to another 2013 swim. No refunds will be issued if the event is cancelled due to inclement weather.

3. If the event is cancelled due to inclement weather prior to event weekend, no refunds will be issued if the event is cancelled due to inclement weather. Registered swimmer will receive a 50% credit to another 2013 swim.

4. Event will only be cancelled for lightning or wind issues.  Swimming involves water, therefore rain alone will not cause the event to be cancelled


Bike Ride Cancellation Policy


Rides may be canceled or rescheduled for a variety of reasons.  Please check the Calender before you leave for the departure point.  Ride cancellation decisions will be posted by the Ride Organizer on the Calendar up to one hour before the departure time.  However, rides may be canceled right up to the time of departure or at any time during the ride if the conditions below exist.


Rides will be canceled or rescheduled if any of the following unpleasant or unsafe weather conditions are predicted for the time period of the ride by Accuweather.com hourly forecasts:


1) National Weather Service Red Flag Warnings;

2) Consistent wind speeds of over 30 mph or gusts of over 50 mph;

3)  “RealFeel” temperatures of less than 55 degrees or greater than 110 degrees;

4) Thunderstorms.



A ride may turn back at any time due to poor weather conditions in the sole discretion of the Ride Leader.  We won’t ride if the roads are significantly wet at the start time.


Again, if you aren’t sure if a ride is going, consult the Calendar.  However,  there may be times when a cancellation may not get posted.  Therefore, you can use the criteria above to decide if it is canceled.  In addition, if you go to the departure point for a ride that has been canceled, you are free to ride with any other members who show up.  However, the ride will not be an officially sanctioned Club ride, and will not be guided by Ride Leaders.  In this event, you ride at your own risk.  Texas weather can be very unpredictable and harsh.  Its no fun to be caught in a storm.






50% of your entry fee will be refunded up to 14 days prior to the event. No refunds will be issued for any reason after 14 days. Event entries are not transferable between persons, events or years. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this policy. By registering for this event you agree to these refund terms.

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